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Claude Bastide


Claude Bastide was noticed by major press and illustration agencies and decided to make this art his craft. He was the first assistant of a great fashion photographer, collaborated with various reputable agencies (PIX - general illustration - OROP - people), produced visuals for advertising, illustrations for magazines, pictures of sets and many portraits Artists or drivers on the Formula One circuit. Without ceasing to offer this type of performance and with this mastery acquired, he decided to return to the roots of his art by developing the creative universe that corresponds to him, centered On the woman, now a woman-fairy, a woman-angel, a flower girl, a granddaughter of Eve, a woman nimbus of gentleness and ingenuity, whose surprising nudity reveals fragility, but a fragility which frankness renders disarming, Purity draws from the mysteries of the beginning of the world, the lost evidence of an Eden where the existence of modesty would admit that of perversion. The sensual gaze of the lens is tinged with the filter of surprised surprise in the eye of the photographer, in a singular and exciting dialectic where seemingly mingling desire and reverent fascination for what the universe has created more beautiful. It is the mission of the photographer to reveal the dimension of this mystery but not without precaution. The word delicacy comes to mind. And when the performance comes to flirt with some erotic codes, the naughty impression is found courcircuitée by the related expression of an innocence and by the deference of the glance. While revealing their charm, the aureole light protects these graceful idols from a delicate membrane to the materialized image of this silk cocoon which in the series "bubbles of women" sails as much as it reveals them, shelters them as much That it sequesters them, plays in distance as much as in transparency. The images created by Claude Bastide are a space of enchantment that captures the senses. When one is absorbed in the contemplation of one of these pictures, one ends by hearing laughter, or the slight sound of the wind, feeling the caress of the atmosphere, and even feel its aromas by a new synaesthesia. The representation is breathable, porous, tactile. Recently Bastide has switched the energy of the yin to the yang, Claude Bastide engages his heroines in more incarnated combats, with the connivance of the photographer they make themselves spokesman and the spectacle begins to challenge the viewer, returning to him the glance Of the target. Or we can see more clearly a dimension, which until then was only guessed, in the interaction that the photographer maintains with his subjects, that of complicity and the mirror. An PRA for ART-MACC Most observers will no doubt notice beyond the instant "t" a few touches of rebellion against the fallacious prudishness of our time.

Represented by Galerie N ° 1 - Paris XIII 1 ° Prix Composition Graphique - International Art and Painting Exhibition of LIONS CLUB Prize of the Jury - National Art Fair - Aix d'Angillon

June 2017: National Art Fair - Les Aix d'Angillon May 2017: International Art and Painting Exhibition of LIONS CLUB - Palais d'Auron in Bourges November 2016: Auction of a photograph at the auction room Rossini - Paris September 2016: Hall of the Town Hall of Bourges - Cher May 2016: SPRING OF THE PHOTOGRAPHY - Romorantin Lanthenay - Cher May 2016: GMAC Bastille with Gallery N # 1 (stand 66) April 2016: VIVE LE PRINTEMPS Galerie N # 1 - Paris XIII April 2016: INAUGURAL EXHIBITION at the ARTURO MACCAGNI Gallery Rosny-Sous-Bois April 2016: ART3F Lyon Exhibition with Gallery N # 1 February 2016: SALON 4ART Halle des Blancs Manteaux - Paris IV Galerie N # 1 February 2016: LOVE ETC ... collective exhibition at the Galerie N # 1 - Paris XIII November 2015: collective exhibition "Le Coin des Photographes" - Photo Show - Paris Porte de Versailles