Clara Antonelli


Photography for me is my life. A mirror on the emotions that we feel. An opening on my heart. More than a passion, it's my engine. Bathed in music by my parents and all forms of art very young, the photo will take over when I was 13, with my first AE1 in my hands. The seed has first germinated in a dark chamber with a Durst in my cellar; 10 years of Ilford and slides, black & white prints, selenium bends. Then little by little with my personal evolution which always aimed at a new point, like a thirst, I went to color, to digital. This self-taught plot for me is essential; because when today the "down" to live only of his passion is shown, it is thanks to these beginnings that I always get up, this period in me in the lab gives me strength and magic that I I discovered it still fascinates me so much; Besides, I did not give up my pelloch, nor my durst. That's the picture for me: magic. I search the hidden worlds or virgins for my landscapes, quite often loaded with energy, I am attracted without control by the caving, the submarine and the Ocean, my muses. The constantly evolving world offers us an infinity of panoramas, with each fraction that the light changes, every day, month, year ... centuries. How to get tired of exploring the world? As for the human or the animal, I am essentially what my heart tells me and let me carry the other. I like to photograph the portrait without any time limit, it's a conversation between the person and me, but without words. My goal is to never let go of my hands until the end; to be in constant boil to "write", and especially to transmit! Trained at the SPEOS school in 2006, with a Master's degree in Studio, I am perfecting myself alongside great teachers such as Georges Fèvre, my favorite magician, and Helene Védrènne who helped me out and taught me how to handle light . They taught me two things to see before creating what we have not created yet. So a whole new world opened. Being Pro and becoming one Digest. To develop, to continue to learn, to understand myself and today to express myself. But it is in perpetual motion, tomorrow my picture will be different from today, because it moves with me, with who I am! In my daily life I am rather a portrait photographer, and what defines me from the beginning continues rather the path of a "landscape". The image for me, fixed or in movement, is a professional tool for transposing an idea, a perception, a sometimes extremely personal point of view; a free spirit, who loves life above all else. In love with the sea, with the Earth, I wish to be able to show Beauty, where the breath is cut, where the planet offers us its greatness, where the human being does not dare to reveal his power and to be stronger, where we observe and understand that with respect, everyone has a place in this life. Learn lessons by observing what brings us to life: the elements & emotions, the interactions, the strong and inexplicable moments, the little things and the invisible ones present, the hope and the alloying of this perfect Nature with the fascinating complexity of the human being. The desire to tell especially how important it is to listen to our heart whatever its path. Without any judgment, each photograph suggests a vibration, to everyone to find his emotion, or that he wants to feel. For me they are all connected one in one thing: an infinite cycle. Have a good trip :) --------------- * WHO AM I? The Franco-Italian, the photographer, adventurer, diver, the human being, the camerawoman, the reckless globetrotter, the daughter of two musicians, the insatiable curious, passionate, a bit trashy and explosive, the completely dreamy, the shy, the extrasensitive , the one with the focus on the details, the lover for the ocean, the free electron, the frank and loyal, the hiker on a world, the never ending explorer. Nature, Humanity, Animals, Discover, Meet, Travel, Write ... Teach, Assist, Work in team, Help, Learn, Dream, Laugh and Live! "

2016. Into the Top 50 for the REDBULL photographer application. (international contest) 2012. Photographer of the month for the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC France (France) 2011. Jury's favorites. Photo Contest "Around the world of 5 senses", BEGLOB (France) 2010. PREMIO MARIO for Giovani Artisti 4th edition, Arcos Museo di Arte Contemporanea del Sannio, Benevento (Italy) 2008. 5th place category Landscape. CANON EOS DEFI (France)

ART EDITION 2019 / 2020. Publication of the book in co-writing with Fanny Courcier, author-writer. 2014. Art book "Nothing is eternal except the sparks" by Christophe Chenebault, in support of the Kogis Indians (France / Colombia). Composed of 40 photographers including REZA and Yann Arthus Bertrand 2013. Illustration of the album "Adamah" by Do Montebello, at Frémaux Associés (France) EXHIBITIONS 2019. The Unfiltered: Portfolio Walk. The VU 'gallery, Paris. (FOTOFEST 2019. Paris) 2014. Exhibition with the photographer OSSIANE for the concert and release of the album "Adamah" by Do Montebello the European, 5 rue Biot, Paris 17, Paris (France) 2012. Itinerant collective exhibition of contemporary art "Adotta an artista" Comune di Barletta. organized throughout the city by Cool Tour. Personal exhibition in the local 'Carpe Diem'. Exhibition of 40 prints on the 4 elements. Barletta, Puglia (Italy) 2009. Personal exhibition "Carpediem". Swiss Village. Gallery 92. Paris 15th (France) 2006. SPEOS Paris Photographic Institute collective exhibition, Paris. (France) 2002. Collective exhibition with 8 photographers and a sculptor MJC FLC of Fontainebleau. Silver prints n & b (France)