christophe battifero


Christophe Battifero is a self-taught photographer. With him, talent is innate and he takes a pure and unadorned look at the subjects he chooses to photograph. For years, he made photography his passion, while exercising various purely food professions. Then one day, after a very serious motorcycle accident, he took stock of his life and decided to live his passion intensely. What could have become a tragedy aroused in him a start, an introspection and a questioning of his life, his future and what he really wanted to be. From this will to fully realize and assume his passion was born his rebirth. He then devoted himself entirely to his art and quickly stood out. He was then contacted by a gallery in La Plaine who noticed his photographs on Instagram. 9 photographs are then selected for the CJD exhibition. He then decides to create his own company and obtains numerous contracts to cover prestigious events such as Marseille Capitale du sport 2017, October Fest and Cross Fit at the Vallier hall and at the Prado. Cross Fit is, let us specify for the uninitiated, a sporting event which combines endurance and bodybuilding indoors and outdoors. During this event, Christophe produced remarkable portraits of competitors whose faces are incredibly expressive. He also made sublime shots during the Juris'Cup. One of its main qualities, in addition to its incredible reactivity, is the acuity of its gaze which knows how to seize the fleeting, fleeting, fleeting moment to immortalize it and make it lasting. Even his landscapes are not static. When he photographs the sea, for example, it does not remain frozen. His photo gives the impression of moving and the sea being agitated by the waves, the spray and the tides. Photographer, "Long exposure", Christophe Battero, after having devoted himself to landscapes now has a dream: To go on a humanitarian trip. He decided not to go astray in the trap of the postcard, as beautiful as it is ... He wants to shoot the human, to capture looks, expressions, to capture life, the real life that pulsates. Catherine Merveilleux: magazine "Le jour et la nuit"

1st prize photo competition Juri's cup Marseille 2018

Permanent exhibition art gallery Espace carte blanche Marseille