Fine art photography
Fine art photography
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I am an author and photographer, curious about art and images in all their forms.
During my numerous trips to the United States, I have documented a certain nostalgic America, due in part to my chromatic approach. As a traveling photographer, I like to capture the American vernacular, revealing the mundane and the ordinary by sublimating them.
Composition and geometry are also at the heart of my work, applied to architecture and minimalist urban contexts but also to scenes that incorporate the human figure. If I like to purify, I also like to deconstruct landscapes through fragments to play with the lines and colors that compose them.
These timeless photographs with their luminous chromaticism explore a sunny side of the American dream, mixing nature and culture in frames that give pride of place to the purity of forms.
My motto : Less Is More !

Education : Ecole du Louvre

Solo Exhibition
Galerie du Montparnasse Paris 14ème, France 18 > 31 march 2022 "a day at the sea

Group exhibitions :
- International Festival of Photographic Art, Tulle, France 2021
- Flore Artist Gallery, Kobe, Japan 2021
- International Fair of Bièvres, France 2021
- Aurillac Photography Fair, France 2020
- Kitano Museum, Kobe, Japan, 2018