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Fine art photography
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Aurélien Arnold


New York

Series of 2 photographs

I photograph and work my pictures according to my moods. Curious, I do not have a field of predilection and I let go my imagination, sometimes landscapes, sometimes cities, sometimes simple and singular subjects. I seek above all the impact of a photo. That it provokes a feeling, be it of joy, melancholy or serenity. In the same way as music, literature, cinema, the photo must according to me cause an emotion which does not need to be explained. Just that we feel it.

3rd prize Black and White at the 22nd national exhibition of photographers of the Defense - Paris, November 2016

22nd national exhibition of defense photographers - Paris, November 2016
Photographic exhibition HOHO'A 2019 - Papeete (French Polynesia), February 2019
HOHO'A 2020 photographic exhibition - Papeete (French Polynesia), March 2020