anthony suply


My name is Anthony SUPLY, I am 37 years old and I am from Reims. To tell a story and convey an emotion, that's what I try to do through my photos. I began the photo by devoting myself to urban exploration, a futile combination of travel, heritage and time passing through the objects of life. But over the years, these three themes have split and each has its place in my photos. - I travel a lot and bring back colorful memories. - I am interested in heritage and carve architecture with my camera. - I crystallize a moment of time that has frozen on an object become inanimate.

- Jury Prize at the 4th Autumn City Exhibition on Lumes - Public Prize of the 32nd Autumn Exhibition of the Moulin d'en Haut Cultural Center in Dormans

2019: - Exhibition at the Festival "The Fantastic Relay of the Imaginary" in Launois sur Vence - Exhibition at Louve Rémoise in Reims - Exhibition at Interior Actuel in Reims - Private collective exhibition in Epsilon - Sensors in Reims-Neuvillette - Collective exhibition at the Reims Cartonnerie - Exhibition at the Patisserie l'Opéra in Reims - Exhibition at the Metropolis Gallery at the Métropolis cinema in Charleville Mézières 2018: - Private exhibition at Haras de Pévy - Exhibition at the 4th Salon d'Automne de Ville on Lumes - Exhibition at the 32nd Salon d'Automne at the Moulin d'en Haut cultural center in Dormans - Exhibition at the Art & Jazz Festival in my courtyard in Hermonville - Exhibition at the Pierre Longe Art and Culture Center in Auménancourt - Exhibition of the "Herméneutis" series "at the Palais du Tau and at the Opera in Reims. 2017: - Exhibition of the "Hermeneutis" series at the Maison des Associations in Dizy - Exhibition at the Côté Cuisine restaurant in Reims - Exhibition at La Table des Halles restaurant in Reims - Exhibition at the Château de Boisgelin in Brittany - Exhibition at the Tinqueux Tennis Club for the Festival "Sors your Art" - Exhibition at the Restaurant "La Caravane" in Reims / Bétheny - Exhibition at the hairdresser "le salon by Jeremy" in Reims - Exhibition at the restaurant "le Cheval Rouge" in Sainte-Menehould - Exhibition at the "Fleurs d'Avril" florist in Reims / Tinqueux - Exhibition at the "Lunetterie Champenoise" in Reims 2016: - Exhibition at the "JNG workshop" in Reims - Exhibition at the "Moulin de Culture" in Reims - Exhibition in the store "Clara's Factory / Barak7" in Reims / Cormontreuil - Exhibition at the bakery / tea room "l'Opéra" in Reims - Exhibition at the "Art & Jazz in my yard" festival in Hermonville 2015: - Exhibition at "JNG workshop "in Reims - Exhibition at" Tennis " club of Reims "for the Festival" Sors your Art "in Reims 2014: - Exhibition at the bar" The First Cocktail Bar "in Reims - Exhibition at the restaurant" The Central Park Café "in Reims - Exhibition at the Festival" Art & Jazz in my courtyard "in Hermonville - Exhibition at the" Le Bacchus "Pub in Château-Thierry - Exhibition at the Château-Thierry Hospital - Exhibition at the" Le Carreau "restaurant in Reims 2013: - Exhibition at" La MAS "in Paris