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Andy Willsher

Andy Willsher was born in Bedford in the United Kingdom. Taking up photography in school, his love for pictures grew in tandem with his enthusiasm for the burgeoning music scene of the late 1980s.

He first stepped into the world of music photography when he brought his camera along to a Goth concert at a local music venue. “It was the perfect scenario to start my portfolio,” he says.

Andy chose not to pursue his hobby in academia, but instead decided to get a job so that he could afford to buy the best equipment. While working at a bank in London’s West End, he decided to take a vacation to follow a band called The Hollow Men on a tour of Scotland and Ireland. This was a turning point for Andy who decided that photography was the life for him.

Taking up a job in his local camera shop, he began printing his own pictures and sending them to various music publications. His talent was quickly recognized and he was soon picked up by NME to shoot at various events. He continues to work at this leading British music magazine today.

He counts other photographers such as Anton Corbijn, Ellen Von Unworth, Pennie Smith and Mick Rock among his influences. Andy is currently writing a book about his experiences.