Our editorial line


ArtPhotoLimited is an artworks selling website. Consequently, we give a specific care to making sure the photographs offered by the photographers are artworks.

So ArtPhotoLimited is open to professional photographers only. Thus we will ask you, at the time of your registration, to provide the name of your company and your Siret number. Use the company that will issue the invoices to the clients.

The creation of your gallery must be validated by our Director of photography.

Furthermore, each time a new photograph is added, only ArtPhotoLimited is able to refuse to put up for sale, to remove from sale, to ask the Photographer not to put up for sale an artwork or another.

Our editorial line

Since its invention in the 1830's, photography has been approaching different themes: portrait, landscapes, documentary, reportage…

On ArtPhotoLimited, we wish to offer to collectors and photography lovers photographs from all the themes and all the fields of photography :

  • Landscapes
  • Movie
  • Concert
  • Sport
  • Urban photography
  • Street photography
  • Architecture
  • Fashion
  • Nude photography
  • Portrait
  • Documentary photography
  • Reportage photography
  • Photomontage
  • Conceptual photography

Furthermore, ArtPhotoLimited is not an online shop offering decoration products. Each of the photographs selected by ArtPhotoLimited are artworks. Without denying the aesthetical aspect of ArtPhotoLimited's selection, our goal is not only to offer « beautiful photographs ».

So, instead of selecting photographs based on their theme or on purely aesthetic criteria, we prefer to base our selection on their originality, which seems relevant to us to define an artwork.

To be selected by ArtPhotoLimited, a photograph must embody an original vision of the artist. Meaning the photograph bears « the mark of the personality of its author » or at least reveals the « personal touch » of the photographer.

There are many ways to create an original photograph, either through setting a scene, choosing the angle, capturing a specific moment, or triggering a reflection through the photograph...

As Emile Zola formulates it, « the definition of an artwork should not be else than this one : an artwork is a piece of creation seen through a character ».

Of course, we don't deny the subjective nature of this criteria and of the selection resulting from it. But isn't it the case for any editorial line?

Consequently, we apologize in advance to all the photographers whose photographs would not be selected by ArtPhotoLimited. If some of your photographs are denied, please don't hesitate to submit others.