Our Story

ArtPhotoLimited was born from the following observation : photography has never been so popular and yet photography lovers and art collectors are not able to fulfill their passion by buying fine art photographic prints.

Therefore, we investigated to solve this mystery. We have interviewed several dozen professional photographers and several hundred photography lovers. And this is what we understood :

  • For a professional photographer, selling photographic artworks is very complicated : you have to create a website, offer payment and shipping options, promote your website through marketing, take care of the short, being an expert in web development, digital marketing, printing and logistics, all at once! During our investigation, we heard so many times « of course I would like to offer my artworks to art lovers, but I don't know how to do it ». Photographers friends, if this sounds familiar, ArtPhotoLimited is made for you!
  • For art lovers, purchasing photographic artworks is too often limited to choosing between posters available in any decoration store and photographs sold in galleries or auctions for several thousands of euros.

Our Vision

The mission of ArtPhotoLimited is to connect the professional photographers with art lovers willing to purchase photographic artworks signed and numbered in maximum 30 copies.

Our ambition is to make simple the purchase and the sale of fine art photographic prints, both for professional photographers and for art lovers. Hence, ArtPhotoLimited allows :

  • For the professional photographers, to focus on the core of their activity : taking original photographs worth being printed, signed and sold ;
  • For the art lovers, offering them a wide selection of ready-to-hang photographic artworks.

Here is a short explanation of the concept :


How does it work?

For the photographers, it's very simple : they just have to create an account, upload digital photographs, choose the type of printing and the paper and set the selling prices for each format.

We take care of the rest : the promotion of your work as an artist, the customer experience on the website and the payment. Regarding the printing, they are produced in our own laboratory in a traditional way.

For the clients, it is even simpler : you just have to create an account and browse the thousands of photographs we have selected for you.