Silvana Rogazione

Silvana Rogazione comes from Italy, she lives in Geneva, where she has exploring diverse techniques of painting. Crossing the continents, she lived several years in Asia. There, she specialized in Balinese techniques of ink on canvas. Since her return from Asia, Silvana uses her senses as a photographer and short-experimental filmmaker.
She synthesizes, symbolizes her feelings into a play of lights within her images.

Selected _Premio Arte Roma 2016

Exposition collective
Premio Arte Roma – Roma 2016 – Spirito di Roma
Next Door gallery - Geneva 2015 - Major Arcana II
Fonderie kugler - Geneva 2015 - Real Dream

Exposition solo
Taon Gallery - Geneva 2011 . nudes serie
Batofar terrasse - Paris 2012 . nudes serie
Espace SR- Art gallery – Geneva 2016 – Nudes serie

Mapping festival
Electron festival