Michael Schwan


Michael Schwan, was born in 1988 in Germany, was at the age of 18 years to photography, for henceforth he developed a growing passion. Early on he was fascinated particularly the Lost Places - the abandoned and forgotten places. Meanwhile, Michael Schwan leads the search for suitable locations throughout Europe. He has already found some morbid treasures that man has just left. The curiosity to see behind closed doors, this is the motivation that still drives him today

2018, ONE EYELAND Photography Awards 2018, Architecture - Industrial, Bronze
2018, Blende 2018, Finalist, 92nd place
2018 - ND Awards, 2nd place and silver star award
2018 - PhotograVphy Grant, Finalist
2018 - Top 100 Photography Award @ Picanova, Finalist

2019, My Mordern Met, USA
2018, Arts in the city, Paris, France
2018, Casa e Jardim, SÃO Paulo, Brazil
2018, Golem13, France
2018, Photo/Foto Magazine, Munich, Germany
2018, Aesthetica Magazine, York, UK
2018, designboom architecture + design magazine, New York, USA
2018, Der Reiz der Landschaft, Calvendo Verlag
2018, Die Schönheit des Verfalls, Calvendo Verlag
2017, Light Art Academy, India
2015, Bergakademische Schätze, Chemnitzer Verlag und Druck

Sep 2018 - Top 100 Photography Award by Picanova @ Photokina, Köln, Germany
Sep 2018 - Fujifilm @ Photokina, Köln, Germany
May 2018 - Gallery Nugloss, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
April 2018 - Trierenberg Super Circuit, Austria
March 2014 - community exhibition @ Café ankh, Chemnitz, Germany
December 2013 - community exhibition @ TU-Freiberg, Freiberg, Germany