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Magdéleine Ferru


The photo along the way, along with landscapes, but also encounters, animal and human ... To learn, to understand, to observe ... To explore the past and the present, to lose oneself at the turn of a path, At the summit of a high mountain ... Traveling around a city, strolling through its narrow streets ... Traveling, curious about everything, from the wildest landscapes, to the most modern urban environments, when the photo mingles with our lives and freezes In time the present moment ... Kennecott: a mysterious discovery, hidden among the Wrangell in Alaska; Mix of urbex and documentary photographs to enter this place where the past catches you (1900-1938); Remains of the copper mines to try to imagine the life of the miners: to dive in one of the largest wooden building in the world (14 floors, and still standing), to learn about copper and its exploitation, to concentrate on the details Of the extraction process and follow the journey of the ore, from the mine to the train wagon. Art Glacier: Blue, white, cold ... Approach; Listen to the glacier whisper your song, crack ... Immerse yourself in its depth, its bubbles, it melts, it freezes. Natural art created by weather and weather conditions. Discover the glacier in close-ups and let your imagination wander; Do you see the dancer? Or perhaps a ghost? It does not matter, follow your dreams ... I wanted through this series, to explore the ice, natural element, and see through. Winter White: Life and adventures in the everyday life of Alaska's long winters. City of here and elsewhere: The city, everyone knows it, they are all the same ... But then take the time to stop, to question its pass, its culture, its inhabitants; Stroll, walk in its alleys, soak in the smells, go out of the busy corners and you will discover life. Cities of the world, atypical and full of surprises, it is the small detail that makes the big agglomeration. Follow Ibiza: Ibiza la Belle, Ibiza to madness, Two summers spent on this beautiful island, and a hike of ten days to go around it, and discover its hidden treasures ... Ibiza , The rush to these beaches of dreams with fine sand, and turquoise water. From clubs to trendy restaurants, there are thousands of people who invade the island each year to enjoy the sun, music and the sea ... .. Ibiza secret, exceptional beauty all around the island, beaches to the south And cliffs to the north, red earth in the center, it has kept its charm, and its traditions. Magdéleine -JustMagd- is a French photographer who, after studying photography in Montreal, tried to discover the world as much as she could. Traveling, she is constantly thirsty for adventure and knowledge. It is his exhibition "Tokyo in my Keitai" in Tokyo in 2009 (under the patronage of the French Embassy) that makes him want to show his work even more. She gained her self-confidence through the awards she received at various competitions, and followed a "photo trip" workshop with Jacques Sierpinski, taking advantage of every opportunity she had to work with professionals.

Honorable Mention: ~ IPA -Int'l Photography Awards- October 2016 ~ MIFA -Moscow International Foto Awards- June 2016 ~ The Bear Paw Festival Contest, Eagle River, Alaska, July 2016 ~ Best of Photography by SIGMA Photographer's forum , Serbin communications 1st prize: ~ Competition "Landscapes over the Dordogne from Bort-les-Orgues to Argentat" Category smartphone, France, December 2015 ~ Competition "Autumn in Lafrançaise", France, December 2009

Group exhibition for Arvest Expo 2017, NPAK-ACCEA Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia May 23-27, 2017. Group exhibition "Moments of Color" at the Blank Wall Gallery, Athens - Greece from 28 April to 11 May 2017. Group Exhibition, ArtLab, Glitz Exhibition "Le Coivre de Kennecott" @ Numériphot, Toulouse, France, 1st to 31st October 2016. Group exhibition on the PhotoPassion booth at the Salon de la Photo, Paris, France, November 2015 and 2016. Entertainment, Vancouver, Canada, April 2014. Solo exhibition "Tokyo in my Keitai", under the patronage of the French Embassy Lovers Rock Cafe, Tokyo, Japan, April 2009.