Hugo Merle


I'm a 26 year old photographer currently based in Lyon. Completely self-taught, I am passionate about all forms of art, especially music, cinema, painting and of course photography. So I'm naturally inspired by the atmosphere of David Lynch's films, the disturbing paintings of Francis Bacon, and the stunning photographs of Storm Thorgerson (designer of Pink Floyd's visuals), to name but a few. My work revolves around a search for discomfort, scenes and surrealistic and striking postures. I try to create for each of my images a mood rich in meaning freely interpretable as well as a strong visual aesthetic that results from a real work on framing and colors.

Being an "emerging" artist, I was lucky to have already been published on the webzine "l'oeil de la photographie" ( / 11 / article / 159937236 / h-days-of-life /), as well as in the magazine "PHOTO" with one of my portraits.

I am preparing a first exhibition, I hope, in early 2018.