I am an author-photographer, blogger and have been working regularly with the specialized press since 1994. If the forest of Fontainebleau and its surroundings holds a majority share in my photographic activities as in my personal life, it is not my only subject! Thus, I always have at hand, a camera and, live digital, a smartphone, so do not miss these ephemeral moments that arise at the corner of the street, the subway, the train ... J ' therefore approaches photography in different ways: - illustration photography ... especially in the fields of sports and nature - street photography, which captures these moments of unique life, - photo-graphy, more artistic, more abstract I will propose you in this space a selection of my most surprising images in these areas and invite you to discover others on my site or my blog on Fontainebleau

Photo Bleau, Collective exhibition at Fontainebleau, at the Hotel de l'Aigle Noir in November 2018. Series 50 shades of sandstone in triptych. This exhibition will be renewed in the form of Festival in November 2019 Second edition of the Photo Phémina Festival in Nemous 77 from June 28, 2018 to July 01, 2018 7 images of "Réflexions féminines" from the "Lèche showrine" series on sale here. 2017 Series '' Leche showcase around Spring '' 9 triptychs or 27 images illustrate since April 2017 the delivery service Printemps Haussmann