Damien Rosso


At only 35 years old, Damien Rosso, self-taught and naturally talented photographer, has already gained international fame and conquered many titles of the specialized press. This perfectionist who tames the galloping technologies of the digital revolution of the eighth art shows a result that already shows a great artistic maturity. Passionate about exploits and nature, the world of freeride and outdoor sport have become the legitimate pupil of this creator of images. Desiring to share his dreams and narrate his dreamlike journeys, he distills clichés with the perfumes of freedom, reflections of his epicurean philosophy. It is always with a contagious smile that this hedonist exercises his illusionist skills to recall the magic of the possible amazing landscapes that he roams at any time and in any season around the world. His esthete's gaze fixes authentic decorations, in the vertigo of steep slopes and ridges, on arid or humid ground, in the brightness of skies with improbable colors. Actor in the heart of the action, it is with a total physical commitment that he explores these large demanding spaces, in sometimes extreme conditions. At a glance, it captures movement and anchor in the reality of nature in which it melts. The painting then offers itself to the eyes, guided by lines of flight towards the horizon of human and sporting adventures tinged with efforts and emotions. Portraits of seized athletes, marked and unmasked faces, sometimes grimacing grinning, eyes open or half-closed, are sublimated such new Vitruvian men emerging from the eye of the humanist photographer who immortalizes the feeling of accomplishment. Among the huge champions he's riding, François D'Haene, the hero of these new heroes whose exploits make reference in the world of the Ultra Trail, marks the spirits every time he emerges from Damien's goal. Over the years, their association merges and their complicity goes beyond the professional framework to write the pages of a sincere friendship, strong of their respective human qualities. Like a magician ... Dr'oz, Damien pulls out of his hat images that amaze and make dream of escape the whole growing outdoor community. Walter Boudet

Cave de Sylla Exhibition "In the footsteps of François D'Haene