Photographic prints and framings


The printing techniques dedicated to artworks are very specific.

Thus we have built our own laboratory to have the best possible quality.

To produce a fine art print, both the printing technique and the paper must by carefully chosen. There are in fact two main printing techniques : silver printing and pigment printing. Once the printing technique has been chosen, the paper on which the photograph will be printed must be selected. This choice will mainly have an impact on the matt or glossy aspect of the photograph.

On ArtPhotoLimited, we have chosen to let each photographer choose the printing technique and the most suitable paper for his/her photographs. This allows to obtain prints that reflect at best the choice of the artist.

Formats available for sale

The photographs on sale on ArtPhotoLimited are usually available in 7 to 8 different formats in order to fit at best the wall on which you would like to hang the photograph.

Hence, the formats available range from 20x27 cm to 150x120 cm.

Please note that some photographs might be only available in large format. The photographers in fact choose the formats in which they wish to sell their photographs and some photographers are specialized in large formats.

Mountings available

Once produced, the print must be mounted in order to be able to hang it on the wall. ArtPhotoLimited only offers the mountings used by galleries and museums. We have selected the most suitable mountings for each format.

There are indeed 4 types of mountings for artworks :

"Classic" Black wood frame

For formats 27x20, 30x20, 45x34 and 51x34

The photograph is delivered mounted in a black wood Nielsen frame, with a mat allowing to highlight the photograph. A 2 mm mineral glass with polished edges covers the photograph.

"Premium" Black aluminium frame

For the formats 27x20, 30x20, 34x34, 45x34, 47x47, 51x34, 60x60, 63x47, 70x47

The photograph is delivered mounted in a black aluminium Nielsen frame, with a mat allowing to highlight the photograph. A 2 mm mineral glass with polished edges covers the photograph.

Regarding the size of the frames, you will find below an overview table of the frames sizes according to the formats available on the website :

Frames sizeSize of the related photographs
Framing 40x3030x20, 27x20
Framing 60x5051x34, 45x34, 34x34
Framing 80x6070x47, 63x47, 47x47

Aluminium mounting

Mounting available for all formats

The print is mounted on an aluminium plate (of 1mm for the small formats and 2 mm Dibond for the large formats).

The aluminium stiffens the photograph and guarantees its conservation over time.

At the back of the aluminium plate, hanging bars or a subframe are inserted, allowing to hang the photograph easily.

Floater frame

Mounting available for formats 90 cm or bigger

The mounted print is inserted within a frame called floater frame, leaving a space between the photograph and the frame.

This option is the favorite one of museums all over the world.