This artwork is signed within a limited edition of 30 copies through the world!

Sunset at Las Islas Mujeres - Mexico City - Photograph by Sébastien Le bris

Sunset at Las Islas Mujeres - Mexico City
Sunset at Las Islas Mujeres - Mexico City
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Description of the photograph

Sunset at Las Islas Mujeres - Mexico City

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This art photograph was made with a digital camera. This print is labeled 1 in a limited edition of 30 copies worldwide in all formats. It is print on satin RC paper. This art photography is available in various sizes and finishes.

Frames information

Frame sizes
Frames size
Small27x20, 30x20, 30x24
Medium34x34, 45x34, 45x36, 51x34
Large47x47, 63x47, 70x47
Frame details
  • Three sizes available: 30x40, 50x60 and 60x80
  • Each frame is aluminium (best quality) or wood
  • A blank mat is always present to frame the photo
  • Frame covered with a glass to protect the photograph

Sébastien Le bris

La courneuve, France

Sébastien LE BRIS, I am a French automotive engineer and...

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