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Are all the photographs submitted selected to be displayed on the website?

All the photographers featuring on ArtPhotoLimited are professional photographers. To create their gallery on ArtPhotoLimited, the photographers must submit to our Director of photography a selection of photographs which they would like to put online. Our Director of photography has over 20 years of experience in the greatest fine art photography agency in Paris.

Her selection is drastic! Only 30 to 40 % of the photographers are in fact accepted on ArtPhotoLimited.

Are the photographs available signed and numbered?

A photograph has real value only if its number of prints is limited to a few copies.

In France, there is a very precise legal definition regarding photographic artworks :

« Are considered as artworks the photographs taken by the artist, printed by him/herself or under his/her control, signed and numbered in maximum thirty copies, including all sizes and mountings ».

On ArtPhotoLimited, all the photographs for sale are limited editions of maximum 30 copies. The number of copies is determined by each photographer (maximum 30).

Each photograph is sold signed and numbered at the back.

What are the print sizes available?

The photographs sold on ArtPhotoLimited are usually available in 7 to 8 different formats, in order to best meet your expectations.

However, some photographs could be available only in a reduced number of formats. The photographers in fact define themselves the formats that suit their photographs best.

Are the prints delivered framed?

ArtPhotoLimited gives you the choice between the print alone and the framed print. Regarding the framing, different options are available :

  • Black aluminium frame (for formats 27x20, 30x20, 34x34, 45x34, 47x47, 51x34, 60x60, 63x47, 70x47) ;
  • Aluminium mounting 1mn or 2mn Dibond depending on the format ;
  • Mounting and floater frame (for the 90 cm formats or bigger).

These mountings are the ones used for the exhibitions in the greatest museums and art galleries in the world.

What are the delivery times and fees?

ArtPhotoLimited delivers anywhere in metropolitan France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxemburg. The deliveries are made by Colissimo, Chronopost, UPS, France Express or Heppner depending on the size of the photograph.

The delivery times in these countries are between 5 to 10 days. They include the time required for the printing, the completions (framing and mounting) and the transport to your home.

Shipping fees to European Union :
FormatsPrint aloneFramed or mounted printMounted print and floater frame
30x20, 27x20, 30x244,99€ Tax inclusive9,99€ Tax inclusive
34x34, 32x187,99€ Tax inclusive9,99€ Tax inclusive
51x34, 45x36, 45x34, 47x47, 48x27, 45x367,99€ Tax inclusive12,99€ Tax inclusive
70x47, 63x47, 60x60, 64x36, 80x45, 60x487,99€ Tax inclusive14,99€ Tax inclusive
90x60, 80x60, 100x75, 80x80, 112x637,99€ Tax inclusive19,99€ Tax inclusive79,99€ Tax inclusive
120x80, 120x90, 140x105, 100x100, 120x120, 128x72, 144x81, 160x90, 100x80, 120x967,99€ Tax inclusive79,99€ Tax inclusive79,99€ Tax inclusive
150x100, 150x1207,99€ Tax inclusive79,99€ Tax inclusive99,99€ Tax inclusive
Shipping fees to United Kingdoms :
FormatsPrint aloneFramed or mounted printMounted print and floater frame
30x20, 27x20, 30x244,99€ TTC12,99€ TTC
34x34, 32x18, 45x369,99€ TTC12,99€ TTC
51x34, 45x36, 45x34, 47x47, 48x27, 70x47, 63x47, 60x60, 64x36, 80x45, 60x489,99€ TTC14,99€ TTC
90x60, 80x60, 80x809,99€ TTC19,99€ TTC
112x63, 100x759,99€ TTC19,99€ TTC79,99€ TTC
120x80, 120x90, 100x100, 120x120, 128x72, 144x81, 160x90, 100x80, 120x96, 140x1059,99€ TTC79,99€ TTC79,99€ TTC
150x100, 150x1209,99€ TTC79,99€ TTC99,99€ TTC

What methods of payment are accepted?

To pay for your order, we accept European VISA or MASTERCARD credit cards. Blue cards outside European Union, e-card, Paypal or any other electronic payment service are not accepted by our platform. If you do not have this method of payment, please contact us to find a solution.

Am I able to cancel my order?

We do our best to give you full satisfaction. However, you have the possibility to cancel your order within 14 days if you wish. In order to do so, you only have to send us back the photograph following a procedure that we will explain you. Upon reception of the photograph, you will be reimbursed of the amount of your order. You will however cover the costs for sending back the print.