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Laurent Guigue

Trained as a doctor, I first turned to medical informatics and then discovered landscape and natural environment photography with a consuming passion. The covid-19 could not stop me!
My goal? To share my emotions through the look I have on the destinations I have the chance to visit, and if possible to make my work accessible to those who wish it.
I am particularly enthusiastic about the wide open spaces of the Nordic countries (Iceland, Norway, Greenland) but I am also very curious about other themes, such as architecture or wildlife photography.
It is a travelling trip to Ladakh and Zanskar in 2017 that literally triggered this desire to capture and restore unique atmospheres.
I hope to be able to make you appreciate them and, through you, to be encouraged to continue this quest for images and sharing...

To come !

I exhibited for the first time in the open air at the Ile d'Olonne festival where I was able to exhibit a series "Boréalités" of 12 very large format prints on aluminium dubond presented outdoors between June and August 2021.
I also participated in an exhibition in Lille in December 2021 at the Council of the Order of Physicians with a series of 3 photos.