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My name is Gaëtan, born in the pink city of Toulouse in 1981.
From a self-taught course, I am today a professional photographer.
It's when I was 18 years old that I first put my eye behind the lens, at the beginning, only to immortalize moments with friends, then as time went by, photographing the world around me became a real passion.
My camera never leaves me and all subjects attract me, the passion settles.

Just like portraits and architecture, photography of abandoned heritage is also one of my favorite subjects.
The decay brings a particular emotion to the image, the dancing shadows among the lights suspended in time and when the vegetation settles, it is a real visual poetry.

Each photograph is unique, through the lens, I am the intermediary spectator of a second now passed.

- 2022 : Leclerc Gallery St-Orens
- 2022 : UrbanLab Montaudran
- 2019 : Saint Félix de Lauragais Castle
- 2018 : Town hall of Castant Tolosan
- 2018 : Numériphot Toulouse
- 2018 : Leclerc St-Orens with ETPA
- 2018 : MJC Castant Tolosan
- 2017 : Corronsac town hall
- 2016 : les Pavillons Sauvage Toulouse